Sage Ebr Stock M1a Sage Ebr Stock M1aRe: Building an M1A EBR Go for it! This is my heavy barrel EBR MOD 2 I recently finished. Price: Manufacturer: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY …. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A EBR. There is nothing wrong with a modern version of a 50 year old rifle. Injuries to my shoulders, wrists and hands make shooting a traditional stock painful, but ongoing physical therapy has made it better. the longest serving rifle used by units of U. I'm looking to upgrade my M1A with a new stock. The Archangel stock, Sage EBR chassis and VLTOR stocks all sound like they would be nice additions or starting points for a build, …. I bought this a little while before we deployed. Alright, so time has come for me to remove the synthetic stock that came with my M1A Scout so that I can install my EBR and new Op-Rod Guide Block. SKU: M14ALCS Category: Collector Guns Tags: Collector Guns, Each, Military Guns, Sage …. When looking at the sage ebr stock options, there are “heavy barrel”…. Question: are J Allen Enterprise G3 stocks for M1A worth the cost. I had been drilled and tapped for a sparrow hawk kit. If you were originally planning to spend $1500 on a scope, get a 3-9x42 for the M1A and 10x42HD for the Savage. I think if you go looking for a used Sage Custom, you'd have better luck finding unicorns. M1A/M14 DETACHABLE M14 CANTILEVERED SIGHT BASE $ 257. Patterned after the Marine Corps match M14 stock. Check out our Barrel Guide to determine if you need the Standard or Heavy Barrel Chassis. Out of Stock The Airborne Scope Mount weighs 9. New to me sage and M1A Super Match : r/M1A. So I'm looking at picking up my first M1A as soon as I get my bonus check and was looking at stock options. snifter Discussion starter · Apr 9, 2022. The chassis is the Blackfeather RS, the handguard is the Blackfeather Long Sight plane, the stock is the MDT skeleton carbine stock. Shims can be used the replace the barrel band and tighten up the gas system. As shown in the photo both have a SS 3-9X42 scope and I changed the …. Accepted Payment Methods: Returns: 3 Days. I picked up a Springfield Armory M1a. So i was wondering if you guys thought that 3k was too much to pay for this setup- standard 22" m1a - round count under 200 - made in 2003 with the navy colored sage ebr stock. For example, Iraq purchased EBR-RIs and I suspect other militaries as well, but US military orders have likely dried-up years ago. The buttstock is slightly wider and longer at the toe than a regular M4 stock with a noticeable negative pitch, making transitions from the ready position feel more natural. The Sadlak National Match Spring Guide improves the consistency and smooth motion of the operating rod which help reduce wear and increase rifle accuracy over the standard stamped GI guide. A Sage International EBR stock is shown below the M1A SOCOM 16 CQB rifle. This video is dedicated to all civilian M14/M1A Sage EBR enthusiast owners and a special tribute to. A forum community dedicated to M14 and M1A Rifle owners and enthusiasts. Dec 10, 2013 - Dynamic Duo: 1) Sig Sauer P226 MK25 9mm 20rd w/E2 Grips and a Streamlight TLR-1, and 2) Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 M1A 7. This can be identified with the upper rail having five screws rather then the six that were used on earlier versions. If you need more pics just ask. This model fits standard or medium weight barrels. Go to M1A r/M1A • by pintobean__ Does anybody have a Troy or Vltor Chassis for sale? As the title says, I want to change out my archangel stock for a cheaper chassis like the Troy or Vltor if possible. Tactical Supply">Sage International Mini EBR Stock. Sage IntL SPRINGFIELD M14 ENHANCED STOCK CHASSIS …. Barrel: 20" 1x7, A2 Government Profile, Match Quality, Chrome Lined, 5. You could go with a tacticool bedded McMillan, GI fiberglass or wood stock, but they have inherent issues that you may want to avoid. 99 Manufacturer: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model: M1A Caliber Info:. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème arme a feu, fusil, armes. M14 ALCS BLK: M14/M1A EBR tactical aluminum chassis stock with telescoping butt stock, adjustable …. Archangel M1A Adjustable Stock from Pro. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. M1A Socom 16 in Multicam Black via Palmetto State Armory. (Note: Mk 14 Mod 2 chassis is heavy due to the adjustable PRS buttstock and related parts). Sage International M14 M1A EBR stock. Blackfeather "RS" in the US. Includes the Sage detachable cantilevered sight base, op rod block and all hardware. Quick view Out Sage Navy SEAL Grey EBR Stock. Sage International Mini EBR Stock. The Springfield-Armory National M1A barreled action shows good promise with solid sub MOA performance for an out of the box 308 semi-auto rifle. Please see our Gunsmithing section for current services and pricing, click here for Gunsmithing. SKU: M14ALCS UPC: BRAND: Sage International Secure Checkout. Next up in line was the Archangel stock. The Archangel© AAM1A Precision Stock for the Springfield Armory© M1A™ and M14 rifles* provides all the advanced features, ergonomics, and snug fit required to make your rifle more accurate and feel great too. However, the M14ALCS/CV CQB M14, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock with M4/M16 style receiver extension tube pictured below is more than two pounds lighter …. All orders are shipped in 1-3 business days. M1CALCS - The M1 Carbine EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock features a telescoping stock with an adjustable cheek rest. Lmt MWS SS 16" I can't help you with an exact match but I own and shoot a SA M1A NM and a LMT MWS. ARCHIVED; Armory » M1 / M14 / M1 Carbine. GERMAN ARMY SURPLUS HK 91/G3 RIFLE WOOD STOCK SET. The M14ALCS/PMRI-BS is a MAGPUL® PRS2™ butt stock conversion kit that is specifically designed for use on M1/M14 & M1 GARAND SAGE EBR Chassis Stock Systems. While our original M14/M1A Stock System has been the essential upgrade to the Springfield SOCOM platform, we saw huge areas of improvement. I was reading the product description, and saw that it will not fit lugged receivers. The Troy Industries M14 Modular Chassis Systems (MCS) is CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum and is designed to significantly enhance all combat-relevant aspects, including reliability, accuracy, and tactical accessory-mounting capability. Archangel® Springfield Armory® M1A™ Precision Stock - Desert Tan Polymer. Sadlak M1A Front Rail, Aluminum Low Profile Rail $41. I'm looking for an EBR stock with pistol grip. The Wolfe mod-fib stock can be bedded to your rifle using our alignment bedding process, which gives you many of the benefits of full contact bedding, but with the ability. I was wondering if the sadlak EBR scope mount which is designed to work with the sage chassis would fit just the same on the Springfield M14 poly stock. Springfield Armory M1A - Old-School ( Source) SOCOM 16 ( Source) The M1A is built on the M14 platform, which was a battle rifle. Page 2-M1A/M14 bullet button? Centerfire Rifles - Semiautomatic or Gas Operated. My go to m1a, Wolfe 18” barrel and fiberglass stock about 3 pounds lighter than my EBR. Our initial impressions of the SAGE EBR Chassis are that it is a very nice system. Valheim Genshin Well guys I found where all the Sage EBR stocks went. Springfield M1A Loaded 308 with FDE Precision Adjustable Stock - $1600. Ive been reading the new m1a's are not mil spec anymore and was wondering if a sage ebr stock would install correctly. The Sage Industries EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) stock is a precision chassis system (Don’t miss Jeremy Tremp’s review of the Sage EBR stock). Buy M1A/M14 For Sale Online. 12 TW med barrel Criterion This rifle with wood stock shoots sub MOA (0. Sage Ebr Stock M1a/M14 - 10148483 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. 62x51mm NATO) Barrel Length: 22" (560 mm) Twist: 1:11" RH. Sage Remington 870 Magazine Extension Tube Kits. This product is designed for Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) stocks. If I'm able to sell the Juggernaut, should I get a Socom 16 or Socom II. Sage IntL SPRINGFIELD M14 ENHANCED STOCK …. So I recently have procurred and installed: Sage EBR chasis Sage Cantilever Optic Mount (Pictured) LaRue LT608 (not in picture) Optics on the rifle are a trijicon 10mile, and a trijicon MRO on a 45 degree. 308win 147grs FMJ par 20 (55) 24,00 € au lieu de 26,90 € Achat Immédiat M1a norinco …. 62 Fire Power! Get an EBR Stock for your M1A / M14 @. 62x51mm NATO,18 inch barrel, SMITH ENTERPRISES Vortec flash hider,20 round steel magazine, Like new in box -test fired only, w/ SAGE INTERNATIONAL EBR Stock chassis system - MFg. So I got my 20 blue tapes and traded for my M1A EBR. My question is, are those Sage EBR stocks worth the buy? How can those be more accurate then. Factory stocks on the M1A, the Scout, and the Socom 16 are without a doubt a million times better than the Sage. Springfield M1A Tanker on a Sage EBR stock with Sage scope rail and a US Optics TS 2. It is a variant of the M14 battle rifle and was originally built for use with units of the United States Naval Special Warfare Command. Find accessories and parts for your M14 rifle - Accessories, scope mounts, magazines, drums, & …. The RE-EBR VLTOR Stock Adaptor was developed specifically for the Sage International MK14 Enhanced Battle Rifle chassis. It's still heavy (not horribly so), the length of pull adjustments are coarse, the butt is wiggly, and field stripping is not lightly undertaken! But the thing DOES interface well with the user, and the rifle with a standard 'el cheapo …. This was due to their need for a compact M14 with a collapsible stock, which would facilitate easier deployment in the confines of ships, vehicles and in air operations. Sage International M14 EBR. Stock/Brace: SAGE International EBR Chassis. The new Precision Stock model of the M1A 'Loaded' from Springfield Armory builds the Archangel adjustable comb and adjustable length of pull stock into a factory rifle. A few years later Manning did a complete rebuild. Springfield Armory M1A EBR CUSTOM. Precision milled from a solid bar of USA made . A Warrior’s Armor: The M1A SAGE EBR Stock By Jeremy Tremp #Guns 04-15-21. My continuing efforts to casually build an accurate M14 clone out of an Springfield M1A Standard. Description Collapsible stock, adjustable cheek-piece, ergo-grip Order a new Springfield M1A and a Sage EBR stock at the same time, and we'll do the installation for free! This is a Sage EBR collapsbile stock for the M14. Give it a watch if you've got the time. M14APRS Adaptor Picatinny Rail Section. Re: M1A stringing Update on my Sage stringing issue, went to the range with the action in a wood stock, stringing was worse. In Stock SKU: M14ALCS UPC: BRAND: Sage International Manufacturer Number: M14ALCS Unit of Measure: Each Fits: Springfield M1A Sage M14/M1A EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock, Black for sale. Sage enhanced battle rifle for sale. Re: M1A Loaded EBR over the reciever rail conundrom For my money the Sage DCSB is the best choice on the EBR Chassis. SAGE INTERNATIONAL M14 M1A EBR Chassis Stock. USMC EMR stock versions? 6166 Views. It is custom rifle worth over $2000. This stock is a light and affordable upgrade to the standard M1A stock. This ProMag Archangel M1A Close Quarters Rifle Stock has a pistol grip with locking storage compartment so that you can firmly grasp. Description: Springfield Armory M1-A CUSTOM semi-auto rifle, caliber 7. The Sage EBR stock is a heavy metal stock that will boost the weight of your M1A up to around the 11-pound mark with just the stock and the gun. I will make another heretical suggestion, the Archangel M1A Stock, which SA actually uses themselves. SPRINGFIELD M14 ENHANCED STOCK CHASSIS. Includes: Stainless, coiled spring pin. M14DCSB Detachable Cantilevered Sight Base. What if you flipped that so the stock adapted to you, the shooter? Swapping out the stock on an M1A can completely change the ergonomics of the rifle to better suit your shooting style and needs. com or call (301) 490-9485, Mondays to Thursdays, 10am to 4pm EST and Fridays, 10am to 1pm EST (excluding Holidays), with your needs and …. I didn’t have the special tool for this and I don’t think you need one. M1A ACCURACY EXPECTATION?. SAGE INT'L M1A/M14 EBR DETACHABLE CANTILEVERED SIGHT BASE. German Army HK 91 / G3 rifle wood stock set. Next in SAGE EBR & Shotgun Accessories >> Item Number: SA 90958. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum. However, with the Sage EBR stock system fully collapsed, the rifle with suppressor measures only 39”. A lot of people will disagree with me, but I like Sage EBR Tactical Stock System for the M1 Garand. M14 ALCS NSG: M14/M1A EBR tactical aluminum chassis stock with telescoping butt stock, adjustable cheek rest, and butt pad. This question is for anyone rocking the Sage EBR stock with their M1A stock with a scope. *Legendary Guns in Phoenix AZ Hours of operation Tuesday-Friday 10-6 Sat 10-5 Closed Sundays & Mondays *We accept all Major credit cards. You are bidding on a Sage International EBR Chassis Stock for M14!! This is the Retractable model, making your rifle Extremely Compact!! Sage International Ebr Chassis Stock For M14 M1a - 9750885. Cheek rest height and length of pull are easily adjusted by thumb wheels. Sage International is probably one of the most popular manufacturers of military grade stock replacements for the M14. We (The Army) have used 6200 so far that went into combat with zero complaints. I recently purchased a Trijicon TA55A that I planned on mounting on this rifle. This gives the option of a red dot or a longer scope. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY NIB NEW OLD STOCK M1A SOCOM 16. Spindle Valve, Stainless, New, M14 / M1A. Featuring picatinny rails, pistol grip and a telescoping stock, this . Buy a Sage EBR chassis system for the M1AM14, Designed for the Navy SEALs. 1) Am I able to place an order directly with SAGE? 2) Will the M14 EBR Stock System fit my rifle? 3) Will the M14 EBR Stock System increase my accuracy? 4) Is the M14 EBR Stock System available in multiple colors? 5) Will the M14 EBR Stock System allow the use of iron sights? 6) Can I change the grip on my M14 EBR Stock System?. Standard M14 and M1A actions are easily installed using existing M14 tools, making the conversion a true “drop-in”. Thank you to everyone @ Sage International, Ltd, CRANE NSWC, and TACOM RI for furnishing historical facts. It is a Mod 1 with a Magpul MOE fixed carbine stock and a MM grip. Id buy a different stock for it before a rail. You cannot get the proper eye relief without sacrificing stock length. Buy Sage EBR Stock Navy SEAL Gray, M1a M14: GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Stocks Rifle Parts Gun Parts All: 1002363921. The M14/M1A Blackfeather® "RS" aluminum rifle stock is patterned on the light weight, balance and ergonomics of a traditional USGI fibreglass stock but it offers modern features such as precision bedding, our proprietary, self-lubricating, oprod guide barrel tensioner, removable, keyed picatinny. Joined Mar 4, 2010 Messages 1 Location Belfair, WA. Just Google EBR chassis for fun, you will not find a stock called an EBR chassis from any company other than SAGE. My Dot Matrix EBR with the PMRI butt stock, a medium heavy 22" barrel weighs just over 12 lbs. 0 mm · 1/60 · 400 · Flash (auto, did not fire) · Show EXIF · Compression - JPEG . SELLER: Buy a SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 in a Sage EBR Stock. Started by BrandonQuixote; Today at 9:41 PM; Replies: 0; Part & Accessory Classifieds. Depending on how you set them up, both the SAGE EBR and. M1A Weight Centerfire Rifles - Semiautomatic or Gas Operated. These articles and videos are considered to be suggestions and not recommendations …. 62 was designed in 2004 to pack. The Army EBR-RI with a standard weight barrel and Leupold scope was about 15 lbs. Yes Funny you guys are discussing this. updated possible trade* I finally decided that I prefer my standard M1A so i'm going to offer up my Loaded model with Sage EBR stock and . The RE-EBR VLTOR Stock Adaptor was developed specifically for the Sage International MK14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. Besides the EBR trigger shoe, what are some other upgrades I should be looking to do when I build it?. The M14ALCS-BS is a complete telescoping buttstock conversion kit that is specifically designed for use on M1/M14 & M1 GARAND SAGE EBR Chassis Stock Systems. When you are learning, having the simplest effective setup is not a bad thing. 00 EBR Vertical Foregrip Your Price: $69. The modern SAGE EBR/Troy/VLTOR stocks might also be something to look into, but I am yet to see documented evidence of sub MOA performance out of those. At Check-Mate, we adhere to USGI specifications when producing our M1A-M14 magazines while utilizing the knowledge and expertise only achieved from more than 30 years as a preferred Original Equipment Manufacturer to the United States Military. I have already put a TROY Industries top rail and a trijicon ACOG scope on it. You have a very touchy, classic military rifle. Hello all, I picked up a used EBR chassis several years ago and have been trying to get everything missing together to build a Mod 0 EBR clone. Length of pull, butt pad and cheek riser . Sage M14/M1A EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock, Black quantity. STOCK: Select STOCK Fixed Adjustable Telescoping MOD-1 CQB Fixed M16 Style. 5404 Views 16 Replies 7 Participants Last post by chrisdev01, May 12, 2012. Featuring picatinny rails, pistol grip and a telescoping stock, this stock dramatically alters the look & feel of your M14 / M1A. SAGE EBR Dot Matrix full length stock. 9x scope BSA Red/Green/Blue mini Dot Sage EBR Mod 1 stock mk14 EBR FDE Sling I love it, going out to give it a test run tomorrow. Pistol grip with locking grip storage compartment. I believe this is an early stock because of the hand grip and patent pending markings. That rifle is currently up on Gunbroker. Sometimes silence is golden ! Does this SAGE chassis type stock increase accuracy ? I have a basic 1992 era SAI M1A. Our M14 gunsmith at Fulton Armory handcrafts the most exceptional rifles across the entire United States. THE place for M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, M14's, and Mini-14's! Advertisement Coins. 62x51mm NATO) · Barrel Length: 22" (560 . Any chance of pulling your stock and trading either a walnut or . The Blackfeather RS is very beautiful and is probably one of the best and most versatile options one could get for an M14/M1A. Rail Hardened to 45-50 Rc for a toughand strong mounting platform. M14 ALCS BLK: M14/M1A EBR tactical aluminum chassis stock with telescoping butt stock, adjustable cheek. What's New; Forum Listing; Products; Sage EBR Mod1 chassis I have a Springfield M1A Socom 16 in a Sage EBR Mod 1 chassisLarue LT608 rail. Additional storage compartment in buttstock extension. Other companies may make look alike stocks but they are not an EBR chassis stock, which is a very specific thing. No matter what stock I am using, the Light Weight Scout Hand Guard (SHG) makes my SOCOM more versatile. The M4 stock no longer comes with a …. Valheim Genshin My '43 Springfield and a '55 Springfield CMP special with Sage ebr stock. There are two chassis stocks available - Blackfeather RS and Sage EBR. This Springfield M1A 18” Scout was dropped into a Sage Navy EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) "Chop Mod" stock. 37 EBR Adjustable Buttstock Eextension Kit. 20% Lighter than our standard steel mount. part # M14ALCS Designated Marksman, M14, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock. Springfield M1A Socom in Sage EBR Stock. 308 NATO RARE SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A SOCOM 16 308 WITH SAGE EBR STOCK + SCOPE. The trigger pull feels natural & lighter with the USGI M14 EBR shoe installed. MAGPUL HUNTER 700 STOCK REMINGTON 700 SHORT ACTION. Dec 18, 2021 - Explore Jody Eli's board "bad ass guns" on Pinterest. In response to the market demand for an extended and lighter cluster rail, VLTOR released the CASV-14 M14 Rail System. SAGE is not responsible for any …. This stock alone cost over $600. The stock tube on the adapter is height adjustable – the. I plan to do further testing on the M1A EBR and I will be sure to follow this review up with my accuracy and handling results at the range. A USGI fiberglass stock, a gas cylinder shim set, and good ammo gets one 90%+ the way there for a fraction of the cost, and leaves you with a rifle that isn't a boat anchor. The shoe works with TROY, McMillan, LAW483, Delta 14, Choate, JAE, AG Composite, Blackfeather "RS", Archangel, Vltor, M14E2, the M1 Garand. The CASM® ships pre-set for slight angle down at the front for optimum scope adjustment at long ranges. Browse the large selection of M14 stocks & handguards offered by Numrich Gun Parts. The M14/M1A gets a lot of hate, but is it deserved? : …. Sale! Cimarron McNelly Texas Ranger Carbine 45-70 Gov, 22" Barrel $ $ Colt LE6991 SBR M4 9mm 10. Op Rod Spring Guide, NM, Sadlak, M14 / M1A. Let us craft your custom rifle or. The Springfield M1A for sale is a high-performance semi-automatic rifle with the looks and feel of the classic US Military M14. Springfield Armory M1A with Sage International EBR Chassis FDE Stock. Also, the scope was an emergency I got invited to try long range shooting event so please ignore it. Apparently, the M14 EBR/M1A EBR was developed to …. Add to quote; Share Only show this user. 8 oz and is precision milled using USA made 4142 chrome-moly bar stock with a hardness of 28-32 RC then put it through a rigorous multiple point final inspection process to insure a quality fit and function prior to finishing with a manganese. The EBR replaces the standard M14 wooden stock and includes a Picatinny rail that runs along the top of the gun, a couple of shorter rails along the bottom and both sides, and a collapsible stock. Click to expand Jan 24, 2012 #2 dantheman I despise ARFCOM. The Navy MK 14 Mod 2 has a heavy barrel and the rifle weighs 17 lbs. One piece, Pre-hardened 4140 steel mount provides a secure, stable scope base that won’t shift between shots. M1A: EBR vs MA9827 Vltor's Cluster Rail?. The blackfeather stock is nice, but you can get a surplus military fiberglass stock for much cheaper and if you are just concerned about bangs, it’ll hold up great. It includes a stipper clip scope mount for free. Completely unorthodox M1A in Sage EBR chassis. M1 Garand EBR Tactical Stock System. I called springfield and they said that the particular serial number i'm inquiring about originally came with a collector USGI stock. If you put your M1A in a Sage EBR stock which has an the super duper evil assault weapon feature of a pistol grip then you'll need to. The close tolerances and rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy in the M1A barreled receiver. I'm selling a lightly used black in color Sage International EBR Chassis/Stock with scope mount for an M1A. Fulton Armory T26 Garand Tanker with Customer Supplied Receiver*. Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 in Sage Stock : 908749316. 7K subscribers in the M1A community. For additional information, contact Springfield Armory Custom Shop, 800-617-6751, customshop@springfield-armory. Sage M14 / M1A EBR Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis w/ …. i am looking to get rid of my M4 to get a chasis stock for my M1A. Here's an example picture: I'm considering forking out the cash for a Sage EBR stock from clyde's armory. WTS/WTT Springfield M1A socom with sage EBR stock with scope mount $2200 Trade interest Wilson Combat AR9 plus cash More mags available to the buyer. This is a true scoped M1A platform, rivaling our own tests of the original Pro-Mag Archangel, as well as other higher priced aftermarket sniper stocks. The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount is a solid, sturdy, and. They are also on a 3 week lead time on shipping and slightly longer for the sight base. Constructed of lightweight and durable carbon reinforced polymer. i replaced the SAGE international with a Springfield Socom II CQB stock made by Promag and distributed by Springfield armory. Fits the Springfield Armory© M1A™ and M14 rifles*. I'm prepared to drop money into it just for fun. Another thing to consider if you're looking into M1As is that even before the current shortage, the supply of cheap Mil-surp 7. Sage ebr available now!! Just lookin out for you guys in the forum They have about 19 available right now in coyote tan. TROY MCS tend to be lighter than a JAE set up in a similar fashion. Vltor MI-S Stock Sytem for the M14/M1A. The Wolfe Modified Fiberglass (Mod-Fib) M14 Stock is a custom stock that has the strength and durability of a high-end national match stock, without the weight or price tag. It also includes sling attachment points, allowing you to use …. 1903 1903A3 STOCK `SCANT` TYPE 12 …. Your Source for Service Rifles: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M14 / M1A & AR Types. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old. For sale is a SAGE INTERNATIONAL, M14 M1A EBR Chassis Stock. That Sage stock is close to $1000 by itself. Price: Manufacturer: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Model: M1A Caliber Info:. M1A Loaded EBR over the reciever rail conundrom. Parts: GI & True Mil Spec Parts Throughout & Forged FA Gen II …. M14FACC Full Auto Cut-Out Cover. My concern is, the ARMS mount and the barrel top cover are not in line. 62x51mm NATO) rifle chassis/stock system. See more ideas about guns tactical, sniper rifle, guns and ammo. A Warrior's Armor: The M1A SAGE EBR Stock. This stock adaptor provides flexibility and conversion as it allows for installation of an M4/AR15 buttstock onto a SAGE EBR chassis. 10-dic-2013 - Dynamic Duo: 1) Sig Sauer P226 MK25 9mm 20rd w/E2 Grips and a Streamlight TLR-1, and 2) Springfield Armory SOCOM 16 M1A 7. crc1028 Discussion Starter · Nov 25, 2016. 22" Springfield M1A Standard Issue. Sage M14DCSB Detachable Cantilevered Sight Base Mount for EBR ">Sage M14DCSB Detachable Cantilevered Sight Base Mount for EBR. 30-caliber horsepower into a package typically reserved for much lesser guns. This drop-in system requires no modification or bedding …. M1A vs Scar vs AR 10 | Sniper's Hide Forum. Now I fitted a Barrnett full heavy barrel,lapped the lugs and did a NM trigger job. Converts EBR stocks to ALCS (MOD-0) style;. The T-26 Garand (later referred to as a Tanker Garand) was an experimental, shortened variant of the standard issue M1Garand. Ebr The New Springfield M1A's fit the Sage Chassis with no. Springfield Armory M1A Socom SAGE EBR Ca Legal. There are other slight differences, but that's the one most will use to ID them. The chassis system, which is manufactured using machined billet aluminum with an anodized finish, comes in multiple configurations for each platform. Buy Mk-14 MOD 1 SAGE EBR chassis stock Mk14 M14 M1A Springfield SOCOM: GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Stocks Rifle Parts Gun Parts All: . 158 views, 0 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 3 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Defense Corp Lima: Springfield M1A with the Sage EBR stock. The M14ERGO is specifically designed for use on MOD-0 style M1/M14 & M1 GARAND SAGE EBR Chassis Stock Systems. SAGE EBR M1A, Mini 30, Keltec, Mech. I have one on my Scout that I dropped in a SAGE EBR and I'm very pleased with it. The modern M14/M1A Sage EBR platform rifle was deployed in 2004 with the Navy under the designations MK14 Mod 0 and MK14 Mod 1. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. Butt Plate Screw Assembly, Upper, for USGI Fiberglass Stock, M14 / M1A. Springfield Armory M1A & M14 Stocks - Midwest Gun Works. springfield m1a standard with navy color sage ebr | Sniper's Hide Forum. Just imagine the accuracy that could be extracted from tubes the big name precision M1A & NSWC Crane tested a rack grade M14 dressed in a Sage International M14 EBR stock at 600 yards with M118 ammunition. 25-5 pounds, which adds something like a. Sage International SKS Chassis. Quantity: Turn to our skilled team at Fulton Armory when you’re on the hunt for a reliable M14 gunsmith. 1) The LT-608 will fail on the SAGE EBR stock that has the top rail with a scalloped sight channel on top. 62x51mm 20rd w/Sage EBR Stock and Magpul Vertical Foregrip. 140013 This product is designed for Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) stocks. Drop-in close tolerance construction, no bedding required. This Auction has been viewed 99 times. The M14ALCS is a drop-in chassis and features a six position telescoping stock and an adjustable polymer cheek rest with two inches of. Would appreciate some help and i apoligize for being aaa 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. It felt a bit nose/front heavy. Sure would love to see some testing results that actually shot showing. Sage M14/M1A Designated Marksman, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock, Coyote Tan. The US military has indeed moved on with the H&K based M110A1. Go to M1A r/M1A • Posted by me2ski2. Can anyone tell me their experiences, or weigh on their thoughts in regards to the pro's and con's. Scope Mount, M1 Garand, with Picatinny Rail. It started out as a 3 moa rifle. If you’re looking for one yourself, it will cost you in the … See more. I have a M1A, specifically a NM 22" MA9827, it comes with a VLTOR rail pre-installed. Apr 26, 2018 - Explore Sean Geer's board "M1ASOCOM-BUILD", followed by 326 people on Pinterest. chrisdev01 Discussion Starter · Apr 27, 2012. Sadlak Mount and Sage EBR. M14 / 308 / M1/ M21 Finally dropped my Springfield Armory Socom II in a Sage EBR stock. Tribute to the M14/M1A SAGE EBR (ENHANCED BATTLE RIFLE). The Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) Chassis Stock System is available for M1A/M14, M1 Garand, Mini-14 and M1 Carbine. SAGE EBR, M1A, and failure to connect The Art of the Rifle: Semi-automatics. The MK14 Mod 0 is an M14 that has been re barreled with an 18. The EBR is just an M1A thrown in a sage stock. CA-EBR setup (sage adapter and Magpul SGA stock) This one is really great, and is very light, but I couldn't get the cheekweld quite high enough for a conventional scope on a Sadlak mount. Pin en The Gun Aficionado. Lever action Marlins 45-70 30-30 44mag Henley 22lr Mid AWI 300win Model 70 3006 M24 308 Right Ar10 308 M1a loaded with archangel stock M1a scout with Troy chassis M1a socom with Sage ebr chassis Reply. Sage-International sells a Stripper Clip Sight Base 1913 picatinny rail insert that aligns to the …. Sage Int'l, M14 EBR Stock with M4/M16 Style Receiver Extension Tube (NO SLIDING BUTT View the Sage EBR brochure. The ARMS mount is higher by about 1/8 inch. This was stated directly from Larue. 4 inches overall length, this rock-solid, three-point mounting system attaches to the factory scope mount screw hole in the receiver and the clip guide dovetail, while the set screw at the front uses the receiver ring as a stop to prevent forward …. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted]. All parts, labor, materials handling, proceeds are from the USA and will stay here. Wolfe Firearms Custom M14 M1A Stock. Chassis is precision-machined from a solid billet of high-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum. Due to the current backlog, expect to exercise months of patience. 140012The Aluminum Scope Mount weighs 4. Description: This is a clone of the Navy SEAL Mk 14 Mod0 EBR. 308 Magazine Capacity: 50 Color: Black Material: All Military Sage EBR Chassis Fitted M14's; Custom M14 builds & other in spec clone builds may not fit with some EBR stocks without modifications. For Technical Support Call – (989) 739-7000 or email customerservice@sageinternationalltd. M14REN Picatinny Rails Engraved Numbers. The DPD gas cylinder is threaded, allowing suppressors to be mounted to the M1A. M14ALCS/CV16FS - This EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock features an AR-15/M16 grip and fixed stock. Good afternoon everyone, I hope. SAGE/EBR M1A Airborne Steel Scope Mount. This improved rail system for the M1A/M14 is lighter, slimmer and more versatile for the end user. I will say, when I got my scout rifle in the plastic stock, I was impressed with the light weight. Re: Lets see all the M1A/M14 in SAGE or TROY Srocks My M21A5 EBR right before it shipped off to SEI for a few upgrades including a medium heavy Crazy Horse barrel. I post this looking for advice and perspective from the M14 Forum hive mind. Fits Heavy Barrel M1A/M14 Rifles, (Krieger, Springfield, Criterion) Sage International M14 EBR Stock with M16 Fixed Stock Your Price: $817. Sage International, M14 EBR Stock with M4/M16 Style Receiver Extension Tube (NO SLIDING BUTT STOCK INCLUDED) - Heavy Barrel Item Number: SA M14ALCS/CV-HB Your Price: $823. Touch device users can explore by. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. ***DISCLAIMER*** We will only be shipping this item via UPS, please do not select priority mail as your shipping method. Streamlined, collapsible six (6) position buttstock with a 11. 4 Vltor M1-S: M1A Improved Stock – Best M1A Scout Stock. Figured I woulf drop the Scout in it or I could drop my Springfield N. Sage International, M14 EBR Stock with M4/M16 Style Receiver Extension Tube (NO SLIDING BUTT STOCK INCLUDED) - Heavy Barrel. Standard M14 and M1A actions are easily installed using existing M14 tools, making the conversion a true “drop. If you want to absolutely have one just buy the springfield and throw it in a stock. Tags: m1 garand, rifle, rifles. Manufacturer: Springfield Armory/Custom. I am now trying to figure out what m1a to use? I currently have a socom 16 that is a recent acquisition(. Our plug softens the blows on your op-rod and wear on the bolt lugs. They're junk and your better off with a USGI walnut or fiberglass stock or something like a Sage EBR. See more ideas about gun gear, battle rifle, rifle. Op Rod Spring Guide, NM, Sadlak, M14 / M1A. It's forgiving and an easy tool to …. For many people, the EBR is the best aftermarket stock for the M1A rifle. The M14ALCS/CV-BS is a complete MOD-1 style buttstock conversion kit that is specifically designed for use on M1/M14 & M1 GARAND SAGE EBR Chassis Stock Systems. The light weight scalable Blackfeather RS imported from Canada. Standard M14 and M1A actions are easily installed using existing M14 tools, making the conversion a true "drop. In the fall of 1944, the Pacific Warfare Board ordered that a test quantity of 150 M1 Rifles are to be shortened and tested for. The M14ALCS is a drop-in chassis and features a six position telescoping stock and an adjustable polymer cheek …. Posts TACOM put's rack grade M14s into SAGE EBR …. I used to use a SA scope mount but found it was difficult to get a proper cheek weld and proper eye relief, (using an IOR M2) Meaning, my head was to far forward than the stock allows. Installation requires no modification to the …. The last option, the ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock, is the most affordable. Thoughts on the Sage EBR Stock M1a?. Fits Heavy Barrel M1A/M14 Rifles, (Krieger, Springfield, Criterion) Welcome; Sign In | Register | Catalog; 208. Re: question regarding M1A/Sage EBR To my knowledge, all current Sage EBR stocks are now coming with the top rail that will accomodate the medium heavy (DMR) weight barrels. See more ideas about guns and ammo, springfield m1a, cool guns. My EBR experience began in September of 2004 when I installed my Scout in a black chassis that lead me to build and own many different M14s in just about every variant Sage offered, including a rare Navy Seal Gray 'Dot Matrix' chassis that I purchased from Andrew Clyde at Clyde Armory and still own. Jeremy shows off his latest bucket list build. Gents, I am enquiring on any advice for a scope/scope mount system for my M1A fitted with a Sage EBR. Vertical Foregrip Adaptor, For Sage EBR Chassis, Retains Forearm, M14 / M1A. Buy a SAGE EBR stock with M1A SOCOM. This would be like an M1A supermatch or an LRB arms rear lugged receiver. I know this is because I don t have the gun glass bedded to the new stock. com/a-warriors-armor-the-m1a-sage-ebr-stock/ EBR M1A Aluminum Scope Mount - Part No. It has had about 40 round run through it for function and sighting in purposes. Blue Force Gear & the SOCOM 16 CQB. Little did we all know and to my surprise there is a stock available for our beloved World War II U. 308 NATO M1A STANDARD SPRINGFIELD ARMORY BLACK STOCK 308 NIB ALL PAPERWORK 22 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Chapin, SC 29036 Sold Date: 10/20/2023 12:00:00 AM: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A 308 RIFLE BLACKFEATHER RS CHASSIS TWO TONE SPR-9601-U Sold Location: Plano, TX 75075. Aug 21, 2016 - Some of the best American engineering and art!. Want to sell my Sage EBR stock. This enhanced op-rod guide is compatible with non-Blackfeather RS-equipped rifle stocks (wood, fiberglass, plastic, carbon fibre). SAGE is not responsible for any additional fitting that may be required. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming Grey Sage EBR this is the way. I've made the decision that I would like to have a semi automatic. Gas System: M1A Piston Gas System. The EBR stock will give your rifle the same noticeable silhouette as the US Military MK14 since the MK14 is equipped with the EBR stock. I will add that Mod 0's and Mod 1's are usually special production runs with. Speaking of weight, the Mod 0 style SAGE EBR is about 2 pounds heavier than the Mod 1 style. The close tolerances and rigidity of the chassis increases accuracy in the M1A barreled. May 20, 2018 - gunrunnerhell - Posts tagged M14. Si inserisce il Mil-Spec M1A/M14 fucili con canne di peso medio …. : 819000001 Sage IntL SPRINGFIELD M14 ENHANCED STOCK CHASSIS ALUMINUM BLK Mfr Part: M14ALCS The M14ALCS Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis Stock System is precision CNC …. M14ERGO Replacement ERGO Pistol Grip. Thread starter Fulky; Start date Mar 4, 2010; Help Support Long Range Hunting Forum Become a supporting member. has supplied over 15,000 combined M14 and M1A1 EBR Chassis Stock Systems to the United States Armed Forces and commercial markets. Sage EBR chassis system for the M1A/M14, Designed for the Navy SEALs. price check on selling a sage ebr chassis? : r/M1A. The stud installs in like 30 seconds and is cheap. The M14 EBR trigger shoe was designed specifically for the pistol gripped SAGE EBR chassis. The Sage International M14 EBR CQB SEAL stock weighs 4 pounds 9 ounces. Cheek Rest, M14/M1A, Adjustable, Ambidextrous, Kydex, FA by Tac Pro …. In Stock SKU: M14ALCS UPC: BRAND: Sage International Manufacturer Number: M14ALCS Unit of Measure: Each Fits: Springfield M1A Sage M14/M1A EBR Tactical . One is a Mod 0 stock, two are Mod 1 stocks. Sage M14/M1A EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock, Black quantity + Add to cart. Started out life as a SA M1A with realtree camo stock. - Form fitted to M14/M1A stock and precision formed. I am enquiring on any advice for a scope/scope mount system for my M1A fitted with a Sage EBR. Home > M14 / M1A > Parts > Butt Plate Nut Holder, for USGI Fiberglass Stock, M14 / M1A. I have a few split ring pliers but none were big. Backorder Only, Order will be charged when ready to ship. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Ditch the garand and get an M1a or go for a AR10 platform. IMHO: The SAGE EBR stock is the best all-around modern stock for the 18. The Sniper's Hide App is here! Download the app DOWNLOAD. 122K subscribers in the GhostRecon community. It's a good amount of $ investment for my Springfield M1A Scout Squad. The stock is an original Mod 1 and the scope is an FDE Leupold Mark 4 3. SOLD/EXPIRED SAGE EBR Stock for M1A/M14 For Sale. M14ALCS - This EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock features a …. 00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. For those not familiar with the Sage EBR Chassis Stock System, it is machined from a solid billet of aluminum for light weight combined with strength and is designed for a “drop-in” conversion that does not require you to permanently modify your. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 908749316. FLASH SUPPRESSOR SET SCREW / Castle Nut Set Screw Purpose of rear lug receiver is to accurize the M14 rifle by "unitizing" the action to the stock which prevents action shift. CA, M14, M1A, M305 Rifle Stocks, Scope Mounts, Scout …. A pledge of quality whether in the hands of a soldier overseas or the hands. Manufacturer: Springfield Armory/Custom · Model: M1A National Match with EBR addons · Caliber: 308 Win (7. Kash Discussion Starter · Dec 30, 2018. This is my Blackfeather M1A build almost a decade in the making. Since the last range report about this build I've done the following work: Sanded and refinished the USGI stock JB Welded the stock ferrule Had a buddy TIG weld a bayonet lug onto the CA Compliant muzzle brake. I spent mad coin on both with McMillan Stocks, having rear lugs welded on, unitized gas system, etc. The second rifle is built off a M14S Norinco receiver. I just ordered a Sage EBR stock today and have been reading about different options for optics mounting. Minty Troy Battle Rail for sale : r/M1A. @gun_modz -AAC 762-SD -Sport Ridge Bipod -Laserworks Springfield M1A with the Sage EBR stock. Not a concern if you're just lugging it to the bench, but definitely something to consider if one plans to carry it in the bush. Yes we might be able to make this cheaper in a foreign country but quality is the focus not cost. Aimed at precision shooters or snipers requiring an adjustable stock comb height, the traditional EBR chassis is now fitted with a MagPul PRS2 stock. For those not familiar with the Sage EBR Chassis Stock System, it is a chassis that is designed to take the classic M14/ M1A platform and move it solidly into the 21 st Century. 63in Springfield Armory M1A Precision. M14 ALCS BLK: M14/M1A EBR tactical aluminum chassis stock with telescoping butt stock, adjustable cheek rest, and butt pad. For Zastava M85/M92 under folding stock. 5 MOA five shot groups at 600 yards. Picked up an M1a scout recently. Mar 4, 2010 #1 The sage ebr stock, posted for sale by Fulky has sold. TS880RLW LT Telescoping Stock Remington® 870: TSAR-2 MOE® Stock Remington® 870: TSAM-2 MOE® Stock Mossberg® 500:. SKSCS/CV - The Sage SKS Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock features an AR-15 grip and a Mil-Spec buffer tube. I have posted all sorts of SAGE information, pictures and links on my web site HERE. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Full Forum Listing. Other than the receiver and bbl, the rest of the rifle is built with USGI parts. foryoureyesonly3 • Sage EBR scope mounting options. Im a little confused on how its removed though. dwavinchi sent us a photo of his Springfield Armory National Match M1A with a Sage EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) chassis / stock system installed and scoped with a Leupold 3-9x. firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 976888655. You don't have to defend yourself. The M14ALCS Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis Stock System is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft …. Featuring picatinny rails, pistol grip and a telescoping stock, this stock dramatically …. The previous owner had a qualified gunsmith instal the EBR stock and an A. Does not include sliding buttstock. Home > M14 / M1A > Parts > Spindle Valve, Stainless, New, M14 / M1A. New to me sage and M1A Super Match. Spare Parts Kit, M14 / M1A. Which is why it cracked and I used the scout instead. Hello folks, I just ordered sage ebr navy seal stock for my springfield m1a Loaded and was wondering what would be the best scope mount for it. The stock sells for $840 and the mount for $240. Pros: Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status. With an otherwise stock, GI M14 as a basis, barrel and rifle in "as new" condition, the average SAGE EBR M14 as built at RIA shot around. Sign Springfield Armory Standard M1A Walnut Stock. Come join the discussion about optics, ammunition, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, Modern, Devine, SOCOM, EBR, classifieds, and more!. Re: M1A Upgrade I accurized my M1A service rifle in stages as $$ became available. VLTOR RE-EBR – Stock Adapter System for SAGE EBR M1A Chassis. My preference is a pistol grip like the E2, Sage, and Blackfeather, or a hybrid like the Archangel Precision, JAE, and the Magpul SGA. The M14ALCS M14 EBR Stock System is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft grade aluminum. BTW I love my garand (and the 30-06 caliber to death) but when it comes down to it my 16" 308 AR is much handier. Where are y’all getting sage EBR chassis? : r/M1A. For a bit I was considering buying an Ultimak scout rail for my Mini, but then I found out about Sage International's EBR conversions and…. It should definitely improve the accuracy of the M1A platform over the original stock. I recently acquired a Springfield Scout that I will be installing into a Sage EBR chassis that I bought months ago. 1 g) and is precision milled using USA made 4142 chrome-moly bar stock with a hardness of 28-32 RC then put it through a rigorous multiple point final inspection process to insure a quality fit and function prior to finishing with a manganese phosphate finish. SAGE INT'LSPRINGFIELD M14 ENHANCED STOCK CHASSIS · Made in USA · The M14ALCS Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis Stock System is precision CNC machined from a solid . Sage now makes an EBR stock for Garands too - sounds like a perfect solution for one of the woodless Dane's I got from CMP a few months back. 3) Sadlak mount machined for the SAGE EBR. Vltor’s M1A Stock is the best choice if you own an M1A Scout or prefer a more tactically focused M1A. Sage M14/M1A EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock, Black $ 803. Magazines; Rifle Accessories; Tools; …. Any M1A and Red Dot combos. Description: Sage International has modernized the M14 / M1A with their Enhanced Battle Rifle Chassis. Replaces old style hard plastic grips;. Clyde Armory had a sale on the Mod 0 stock for $770. Keyword Research: People who searched sage ebr m1a chassis also searched. Random Guy · #5 · Aug 31, 2023 (Edited) The “10” likely represents the date (year) that the “Decelerator” buttpad was made by Pachmyar, who is (or was) a subcontractor to SAGE. Customizable with:-Stock Length (fully extended or collapsed)-Magazine (20/30 round box magazine and 50 round drum magazine)-Tactical Attachment (AN/PEQ-15 and Flashlight). NAVY SEAL GREY – EBR CHASSIS – 22″ – EOTECH VUDU 5. Fits the Springfield Armory© M1A™ and M14 rifles* Cheek riser is thumbwheel click adjustable in. I just read through Sage's website and don't see any mention of modifications for their EBR stock. SAGE EBR Chassis Installation Video. ca, a resource for M14 rifle owners and home to the Blackfeather® "RS" rifle stock platform and our new generation, 4 point M14/M1A scope mount, the CASM®; a double-locked design that "unitizes" scope mount to receiver solidly in-line with the bore using the largest fasteners of any M14/M1A scope mount sold. 62 Sold Location: Plaistow, NH 03865. EBR stocks are in service with the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and the US Coast Guard; Designated Marksman, M14, EBR Tactical Aluminum Chassis Stock with telescoping butt stock, adjustable cheek rest and butt pad View the Sage EBR brochure. Fits Mil-Spec M1A/M14 rifles with standard or medium weight barrels. SAGE INTL Springfield M14 Enhanced Stock Chassis Aluminum …. WTS Springfield M1A Loaded with Sage EBR and Sadlak Mount. Looks like they have some in stock! 🤠👍 Sage International, M14 EBR Stock. STOCK, McMILLAN - M1A Fiberglass: WOODLAND CAMO. Oct 12, 2014 - Explore David Morlet's board "M1A socom 16" on Pinterest. 00 M1A/M14 M14ALCS/CV16FS $ 788. Each EBR Stock should come equipped with the following components: Stock chassis which includes the following components assembled on or to the chassis. 3 product ratings - Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle Wood Stock. Personally, I love the Sage EBR stocks. The M14FACC is manufactured to SAGE EBR specifications and is not compatable with other M1/M14 stock systems. M14 SAGE International M14ALCS chassis. The single plane, full-length top rail allows perfect co-witness of back up iron sights and optics. Springfield Armory - Springfield M14 Stock Oem Wood Brown. Go to M1A r/M1A • by Sage EBR part question. In this video I demonstrate the removal of an M-14/ M1A from the Sage E. It is a Sage EBR stock variant for the M1 Garand. VLTOR: M1S M14/M1A Improved Modstock. Build your own 16" M14 with our new SOCOM barrel or replace your worn M1A SOCOM barrel with this match quality upgrade. PRICE: MANUFACTURER: Springfield Armory CONDITION: Used MODEL: M1A Socom 16 SOLD: 8/26/2023 12:00:00 AM: UPC: …. Sage EBR Chassis Worth the Money?. Glad I dont have to lug it around all day, everyday!. I saw a M1A with a vortex flash hider blow apart when fired and it was aluminum. Sage Shotgun Products; Sage Stocks; SAGE Accessories; VLTOR Stock; PARTS & ACCESSORIES. Springfield M1A Socom in 308 with a 16. The rifle with wood stock shoots 2 MOA ( the best result with match factory ammo ) and totally disappointed with sage ebr after installation. Stock Hardware Kit, New/Like New, National Match, M14 / M1A. Best M1 SOCOM stock upgrade. McAlester84Scout Discussion starter · Jan 3, 2013. Used Springfield Armory M1A with Sage EBR stock, Sage pic rail, bipod, SIG Sauer Tango4 6-24X50 scope, Leupold rings, one mag, no. 62x51 rifle, and due to their accuracy and other issues with FAL and G3 platforms, I'm planning on purchasing an M1A variant of some sort. All other hardware parts are freshly parkerized, high quality mil-spec reproductions, individually inspected for quality. A forum community dedicated to 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. 95) with 168 Gold Medal Match ammo. Due to State Legislation, this item cannot be shipped to California, New York or Connecticut. Trigger: National Match Tuned 2-Stage Trigger set at 4. Butt Plate Nut Holder, for USGI Fiberglass Stock, M14 / M1A. These Rifle Stocks developed by ProMag are constructed from high-strength, carbon fiber and glass-reinforced polymer for a rugged structure that's also lightweight. Are Sage EBR Chassis Worth the Money?. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. This will not work for the Sage EBR stock so I don't know how good it is (because that is what I have). Sage EBR stock for M1A rifle in California. Sage Telescoping Shotgun Stock for Remington 870. M14BEK Butt Extension Kit - 1" M14VABEK/ALCS Butt Extension. SAGE EBR Stock going up for sale. It is a Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM with a Sage International Enhanced battle rifle stock. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov Watch Dogs: Legion. I'm just a plumber who loves his M1A Posted: 11/21/2009 8:47:06 PM EDT [#25] Quoted: I think I am going with a vltor …. 00 Sage International M1 Garand EBR Stock with Magpul PRS2 Stock.