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Amsteel AidersWe make the highest quality AmSteel products in the mobile hunting industry. Also, the stability while climbing is excellent. All of my aiders are milspec 1" tubular webbing witg a 12" section of 11mm climbing rope inside. I have a set of the skeletors with aiders on the classifieds in your budget. 1/8 Amsteel blue (black coated) single step aider with fuel line step. All styles of Fixed Aiders permanently install and live on. Check out our video of the HAWK HELIUM AND MUDDY PRO AIDERS we offer. The Amsteel Elevaider is made from 1/8" Amsteel and is a fully adjustable and modular aider system. Brand new Tethrd Skelators for sale, $245 TYD. Tether Bow Hanger (TBH) Removable or Permanent. if you stretch a continuous loop (amsteel or webbing) through the top of a Backwoods Mobile Gear Versa aider so each end fits on the ears of the step, it becomes a CAYG aider for the ONE stick. These are lightly used, normally only 2 or 3 used. Is there any way to adjust the step length. Since they are all very strong, it really doesn't matter. 36" 1/4" AmSteel® Adjustable Whoopie Sling Bridge. 99 | / Quick Shop Classic Dump Pouch. Add to Favorites Bow Hanger for Tethrd HYS and Straight Tree Strap - Saddle Hunting - Translucent Brown. Specifications are for spliced strengths. Found I do not care for amsteel aiders. And dropped close to 3 lbs! from my lone wolves. Phone Number: 978-804-0528 Email: customerservice@timesaverropes. Mar 1, 2023 #2 I’ll take them. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Ape Canyon Outfitters Saddle Hunting Single Step Aider In Coyote Tan and OD Green (3) $ 23. When you're sick or hurt, your entire life might get. Welcome to Eastern Woods Outdoors. Joined Oct 19, 2020 Messages 90. Use on Lone Wolf Sticks, Hawk Helium Sticks, etc. I prefer three Beast Mini's with a three step Custom Amsteel Products aider on the first stick and use a Versa Aider from Backwoods Mobile Gear on my second and third stick. Most relevant  Roger Burwell. I tried using a two step amsteel aider earlier this week on my bottom step and it was okay. Stealth Stripped them, built 3 Single Step Amsteel Aiders (1/4”) and mounted them. Aiders; Apparel; Hats; Shirts; Stickers; Gift Card; Saddle Kits Method 2 Saddle Kit; Method 2 XL Saddle Kit; Classic 2 Saddle Kit; Amsteel Single Step Aider. From rock climbing aiders, built-in stick aiders, and custom aiders designed specifically for the climbing stick you are using, there are many options for a hunter when deciding what kind of aider to get. Saddle Hunting Gear: Whitetail Hunting Strategies. 7/64”/1/8” amsteel rope mode / tethrd one/ skeletor replacement rope. I also made a 2 step extension that hangs below the built-in aider so I've got 3 steps at the bottom, though the lowest step basically hangs on the ground because it's all the higher I can reach to hang the stick. Please close sold / price drop 350. Joined Oct 7, 2020 Messages 75 Location South Carolina. SteppLadder Climbing System and hunting products. 1/8" Hawk Helium/ Skeletor/ Muddy Pro AmSteel® Aiders. Trying to find the best way to wrap these all up and click together. Maybe running the Amsteel through a different set of holes would work. I'm glad I did some practice with them, because I needed to change. They have multi step, single, adjustable, etc. Our Polices: Safety & Warning Policy. I am going to experiment some more. I’ll include the cables that were on it as well if you’d prefer those instead. I make multiple aiders using the instructions above and daisy-chain them together. co on May 15, 2022: "Not only do they work well, they look good too! Our Amsteel Moveable Synch Aiders are ". 5’ Amsteel Whoopi Openable Bridge Palmer Morris. Please allow 5 – 15 business days for manufacturing in addition to shipping time. We carry climbing stick aiders, Amsteel daisy. These aiders offer height-adjustable steps and give you the ability to add or remove steps as needed. Super lightweight, easy to stack together with suction cups and very quiet with a different attachment strap besides the buckle. Eligible orders get 25% off Spend $25. Hunting Saddles & Mobile Hunting Gear. I step on each of the 4 sticks. 00 Tree Gear/Pack Hanger for Tethrd HYS, Cord, Straight Tree Strap - Saddle Hunting - Moss Green - Heavy Duty - Open Loop Easy Slip On (931) $18. Joined Jun 19, 2020 Messages 126. NEW Beast Stick AmSteel® Aider – CUSTOM AMSTEEL …. New (Set of 4) Single Step Amsteel Aiders ad vertisement by ParaDiceCord. Aiders Amsteel Bundles Gear Services Quick View. there is a couple 2 step amsteel aider videos. These haven't been used in the field, have loops on the ends to make them pretty universal for climbing sticks. The vinyl tubing will not stay open as well as the fuel line step but it will wrap up and have a lower profile on your stick overall. Joined Aug 21, 2020 Messages 1,099 Location East Alabama. A quick video on how to make some super easy aiders for your climbing sticks. I know the amsteel is lighter but the webbing is cheaper. Lead Time : Please allow us around 1-2 weeks to get these sewn up due to busy season demand. New (Set of 4) Single Step Amsteel Aiders (9) $ 40. Because of this, I've been shaking out a more mobile approach to treestand. Shipping in Europe - no extra costs or VAT. 3oz and measure 17" from to top of the bottom step to the bottom of the aider once deployed for the 1 step and 17" per step on. Or permanent Amsteel aiders on each stick. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Climbing Stick Aiders with gray digital camo steps - Saddle Hunting Amsteel Daisey Chain Spool for Hawk Climbing Sticks - Saddle Hunting (27) $ 4. Reactions: HuntNorthEast and Jwiggins762. Shikar FXDs, amsteel rope mods, aiders, stealth stripped. Add to Favorites 1/8 Double Step Amsteel Aider (131) $ 20. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Recently purchased two 2-step aiders from a member and put them on last night. "The fool says in his heart, ' There is no God. CBKnot Samson Premium Amsteel Blue 1/4" Black, Silver, Blue and Orange Strong Dyneema Fiber with 8600 lb. Best climbing methods for mobile hunting and saddle hunting. $100 TYD PayPal buyer pays fees I am selling part of my WE steps and aiders collection. The whoopie aider was designed with the Northern/MidWest hunter in …. FREE shipping Add to Favorites. Fits my Cruzr saddle perfectly. Daisy chain for climbing sticks; Amsteel aiders for climbing sticks. The X2 climbing tool is designed for all your technical and ultralight hunting endeavors. All I can say is practice with them. Add to Favorites 1/8 Double Step Amsteel Aider (132) $ 20. With four sticks and two single aiders I can reach heights of 20-25’. They come in black and you can order 14″, 17″, or 20” step length. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Next year going to try a five step aider which would actually eliminate two sticks when counting steps from the ground. I'll be hunting public the next 40 + days and exclusively for bear in 2021. May 5, 2021 Cable aiders that are 2 step with each step being relatively short for stability (like 18" each). I still have aiders available. Amsteel Aiders For Climbing Sticks. 50 USD Hang Free Moveable/Adjustable Sewn Climbing Stick Aider. They weigh less than 4 ounces and are rated to 500 pounds working load. Consists of predrilled attachment factors for amsteel aiders Cons. I haven’t put any aiders on them yet but those are coming. Ultimate Rope Mod For Climbing Sticks This Seems Legit Hfsa. It can be used two different ways by either attaching the schwabisch knot around the versa button and cinching it tight or by looping the tag end around the versa button then through the schwabisch and pull tight and back under the button for a rock solid hold to the tree. Will have to get pictures $350 3 Single step amsteel climbing stick aiders $40 All items have minimal use and are in good condition. Add to Favorites cell phone stand $ 29. FREE shipping Add to Favorites US Vietnam MARINE RAIDER Presentation Japan Sword Made Hunting Knife 7/64 Double Step Amsteel Aider For Climbing Sticks (122) $ 18. I have 4 Beast Sticks up for sale. THE AMSTEEL GUY: Hawk Helium Amsteel Step Aider. The aider loops are reinforced with a full bury style loop which adds to the durability of the connection to your climbing stick. Aider is made with 1/8″ Amsteel with fuel line steps. Reactions: Plebe and swampsnyper. I have tried single tied webbing aider on a one stick with20 inch length, 2 step ewo amsteel double step at 20 inch step length, and now a 3 step webbing double step at 15 inches step separation. They can be installed by just looping them over the bottom steps or by girth hitching them to the bottom step. Shipping & Returns — BackWoods Mobile Gear. Thread starter KYhunter66; Start date Mar 1, 2023; Status Not open for further replies. This is the daisychain style aider that allows you to mount your aider at your desired height. Also, the Tethrd One Stick packs better, tighter and lower profile, whch is also helpful. Then I can grab onto my sticks. Hunters not utilizing the one-sticking climbing method still use aiders, typically on the bottom stick and bottom step only. Each aider is made with 1/8th inch amsteel and provides a comfortable 16 or 18 inches per aider step once weighted. AmSteel for a Line man's Belt and Thether??. Promotions, new products and sales. These allow you to carry less sticks while getting high enough to hunt! top of page. The design is central cable with a tear drop to …. The HangN30 steps look a little less stable with Amsteel. The aider loops are reinforced with a full bury style loop which. Amsteel aiders are not expensive at all to make. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Last edited: Aug 30, 2021. It worked out fine but the sticks were catching on to many branches walking in. com/products/tethrd-one-movable-aider. -Custom made products are not valid for return including aiders. These aiders will help you get more height with your climbing sticks. It is not like the ones that go on the ends of the steps (long story). Similar to someone else who loves easter eggs in their content hmmm can't put my finger on who that is, but anyway). I've tried webbing aiders, cable aiders, Amsteel aiders. These are made from 100% 1/8 inch Samson Amsteel and are a finished length of 8. He taught that "forgiven people" go to heaven. Rubber hose on the step to keep the aider. Amsteel Ropes, Amsteel aiders, and Amsteel rope mods are a great alternative to cam buckles or traditional style climbing rope, but there are some things you need to do to your mobile hunting setup to ensure your safety when using these products. A single 22" Aider on the bottom stick would cover this. Add to Favorites Amsteel Hank. We offer a budget splicing kit designed for this product for $5 and can be found under 'All Products. Search for items or shops New (Set of 4) Single Step Amsteel Aiders (9) $ 40. I guess you know about self-etching primers. Instructions for Care/Maintenance: Avoid Impact and Chemicals: The coatings on our products are highly durable, similar to those used on cars or firearms. I started with similar knots in my aiders but found they are harder to find climbing down. I tried some and didn't like them because they got caught in the cleats of my boots. Joined Mar 12, 2019 Messages 3,565 Location Northern Virginia. Tree Saddle Hunting Gear Round. The aider comes with 2ft of bungee and a carabiner so you wont drop it on the way down, along with a reflective sticker as a frame of reference to which loop you usually prefer. The all-new Carbon SS Climbing Sticks feature a proprietary carbon fiber composite material, bringing modern aerospace technology into the woods for the first time. From shop AnitasDreamCreations. X2 comes aider ready and has predrilled attachment points for amsteel aiders. New (Set of 4) Single Step Amsteel Aiders (7) $ 40. Real Deal Amsteel Daisy Chains — Shop — TX5 Custom Gear. Climbing Stick Aiders for Mobile Hunting. Ad vertisement from shop ParaDiceCord. Designed for saddle hunters, the SH1KAR One Stick is …. The rope is 7/32” thick and is as strong as Amsteel with over 2500 tensile strength. Just hear to tell some newbies that not all gear has to be explicitly targeted towards saddle hunting, I'm using a spare hammock strap daisy chain as…. FREE shipping Add to Favorites 1/8 Two Step Figure 8 Moveable Amsteel Aider (118) $ 22. Really loving this setup so far. SOLD Summit goliath climber with extra seat/ cables/ bow holder/ summit gear bag. For you guys who prefer a fixed aider. Considering you're halving the cable length by looping it to your stick, that's less than a 8" step from the bottom of the loop to to bottom of you. But I think your aider profile with Amsteel is less likely to get noticed. Set of 4 Single Step Amsteel Aiders ad vertisement by ParaDiceCord Ad vertisement from shop ParaDiceCord ParaDiceCord From shop ParaDiceCord $ 42. I think it was Jerry Gross posted putting kydex over the steps to protect the aider. In this video, I’m demonstrating how I use the Wild Edge Stepps with a set of 3/16” amsteel 3-step aiders. Note: 7/64 Aider options have a thinner vinyl tubing step then our 1/8 options that have a fuel line step. 00 Click Here to Customize Your Pouch. Amsteel rope!">Cheap DIY climbing stick aider ($5 a piece) Amsteel rope!. Great quality and light weight, low bulk. Saddle Hunter - Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee. Amsteel aiders for climbing sticks; Amsteel daisy chain for climbing sticks; Amsteel daisy chain for climbing sticks for; Amsteel daisy chain for climbing stocks to buy; Amsteel rope for climbing sticks; Amsteel for climbing sticks; Changing From A Bystander To An Advocate Requires Covid. Ad vertisement from Etsy seller. (3) movable amsteel aiders 2 step. The SH Membership has gone live. Looking for opinions on buying a 4th stick or running an aider to get too 20’. Now I have single Amsteel aiders on the first two sticks. Climbing sticks just went 100% metal free. Jul 14, 2023 #12 crucible02 Senior Member. The one thing that bothers me is hanging away from. In recent years folks have been augmenting climbing sticks with “aiders”, lightweight climbing devices that allow you to climb higher without adding extra sticks. Same size and principle as a beast stick. The CAC (cinch and climb) aider is made out of 1/8 amsteel with a 7/64 tag line to attach to yourself using a small carabiner. swhughes81; 20 h ago; Liberty, Indiana $180 USD 0. Starting in 2020 only SH Members will be admitted to the annual hunting contest. Great shape, plastic piping for each step. Add to Favorites Platform Hanger for Saddle Hunting Tethrd Platform (24) $ 15. 7/64 amsteel rope mode / tethrd one/ skeletor replacement rope. 3 1 Aider Set Amsteel double and Singles. Check out our amsteel raiders selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our hunting & archery shops. Disclaimer: As with all children's products, adult supervision is required. would you mind posting pictures of your aiders? Looking to make one, myself but conflicted on what to use over the Amsteel as the “step” I had to to the same thing with my beast sticks while using amsteel. Included cam strap buckles are heavy (four buckles weigh 1 pound 12 ounces) In testing, the XOP X2 Climbing Sticks hit the sweet spot of performance and affordability, which made it my pick for the best climbing stick for the money. I've been playing with single step aiders. This is a Do It Yourself product and will require you to splice some parts yourself. 00 Shipping calculated at checkout. Using a whoopi sling style aider with rubber hosing and …. Availability Price Sort by: 33 products Hang Free 3/16 Triple Step Amsteel 'Mega Aider' $34. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Hospice Aide 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler, Gift for CNA, Hospice Aide Tumbler, Gift for her, Gift for Hospice Aide, Hospice Tumbler Climbing Stick Aiders with gray digital camo steps - Saddle Hunting (21) $ 12. Supplies:-4x 68” 1/8” amsteel (could pre-mark it at 1” and 7” points for taper and bury)-4x 7” long 1/4 rubber fuel line tube-8x 1 1/8” long black cap bolt 1. Perfect for versabuttons that are 1. Amsteel aiders for climbing sticks; Amsteel daisy chain for climbing sticks for; Bbq In Fayetteville Wv. The EZaider Lite is constructed with a very stiff rope that retains memory. Factor in my hunting is in some pretty remote spotsnot on some farm. These will attach to the climbing stick and be there every time you need them. Length: 14", 17", 20" xop x2 aiders saddle hunting aider climbing sticks 3 step …. Hunting saddles are designed to help hunters be more mobile and hunt in locations that were inaccessible with a tree stand. So the EWO site has the amsteel aiders for the hawk helium sticks as a purchase option. 99 USD Hang Free 1/8 Triple Step Straight Moveable Aider From $27. Amsteel Ropes, Amsteel aiders, and Amsteel rope mods are a great alternative to cam buckles or traditional style climbing rope, but there are some things you need to do to your mobile hunting setup to ensure your …. Keeps your aider step open if you are using a rope aider. Gear customization, saddle hunting, saddle gear, back bands, rappel, custom equipment, modifications, daisy chains, amsteel, aiders www. HuntNorthEast Well-Known Member. While they get the job done, they are somewhat of a pain to carry around (carrying by hand, so I probably should invest in a better pack sooner than later). Went outside set the first step as high as I could maybe 6. Search for items or shops Amsteel aiders (156) $ 14. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Amsteel aiders; Stanislawski Archery Release Aid Holster Please read the item; Saddle Hunting Molle Clip Set of 3 Tethrd Trophyline Cruzr; Click on each listing for more details. AmSteel Daisy Aider – CUSTOM AMSTEEL PRODUCTS">AmSteel Daisy Aider – CUSTOM AMSTEEL PRODUCTS. 4 interest-free installments, or from $21. Add to Favorites 6mm TRC Sewn Friction Hitches (120) $ 24. Add to Favorites Hunting Tote - Turkey Tote - adjustable cinches no rings (65) $ 17. I’m 6’2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. The aider comes also with an additional item dubbed our "Containment System". I’ve listed the feature of each individually below. 1/8 Whoopie Aider – Hang Free™. All styles of Fixed Aiders permanently install …. These can be used with many different sticks. They look brand new and come with grade 8 bolts, locking washer, and nut. 3/16 AmSteel® Daisy Chain By The Foot. They are constructed of 1/8 AmSteel® and weigh 1. At night, those things are money when getting down …. Products – CUSTOM AMSTEEL PRODUCTS. Page couldn't load • Instagram. We don't have what you want? Shoot us an email and we will custom make an aider that meets your needs. Example- if 18” option was selected final length from step portion itself to top of loop would come to 20. Current members will need to follow these steps to upgrade: 1. NEW 6FT AmSteel® Gear Chain With Rollercam Roperoller. Video on how to attach the Amsteel hawk helium aider!For ordering message me @ Facebook. Free shipping eligible Add to Favorites Saddle Hunting Tethrd Predator XL Platform Molle Hanger Archery ad. Joined Jan 17, 2019 Messages 5,620. Each step spacing is exact when the aider is. 00-Add to cart; Amsteel Daisy Chain Gear Strap $ 18. A climbing aider can make all the difference in gaining a few extra feet from the ground. The Amsteel Guy · December 15, 2021 · Follow. I also cut mine down to 20" and added amsteel aiders. Etsy Shop for Timesaverropes. Knaider for in between other sticks if needed. Joined Jul 24, 2020 Messages 1,025. I read one user say 12" helped them prevent these. 1/8 Amsteel blue (black coated) triple step aider with fuel line steps. 00 FREE shipping Climbing Stick Aiders with gray digital camo steps - Saddle Hunting (45) $13. 00 # of Steps Select Step Spacing Select Add these aiders to your Skeletors to reach new heights. WE ARE GIVING AWAY A SET OF AIDERS ON FRIDAY 05/22. I bought two amsteel aiders from them and . These are made here in Michigan. Hunting Aiders Amsteel Aiders Daisy Chains Mobile Hunting Amsteel Top Mods Listed on Sep 23, 2023 5 favorites Report this item to Etsy What’s wrong with this listing? Choose a reason… The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. It was a waste of time for me ,steps were spaced way to far ,the …. Asking $25 a piece or $80 for all 4. These are perfect for the climbing sticks where the bottom has two steps! They weigh under 2 ounces each for single step, 4 ounces each for double step, and 6 o…. With all that said cable aiders seem to make the most sense. Amsteel aiders for climbing sticks; Hunter morrison obituary cairo ga county; Hunter morrison obituary cairo ga 2020; To tie an 18″ aider, I use a ruler to make the following marks on a piece of amsteel, starting at the tag end: - 10″ – This will serve as the "bury" after your Brummel Splice on the first side. 00/day from advertising revenue. Includes predrilled attachment points for amsteel aiders ; Cons. They don't feel like they want to kick to the left or the right, they stay open and don't flap in the wind. I have a 2 step amsteel aider for the bottom stick and DIY 1 step aiders on the other three made out of very rigid life safety rope. I’ve watched many videos on different. We have both moveable and fixed styles with enough options to get you however far off the ground you want to go! If you're looking for a universal aider, we have that too take a look at the S-Hook or Bottom Step Loop attachment. The EZaider lite aider is a very stiff rope with great memory. Wanting to try a movable aider. Beast and Shikar Aiders – RDA Outdoors. Build Your Own Ultimate One. Structured as a privately held family business with its first facility launched in 1981, the …. Please contact us for any custom orders. 00-Add to cart; Resc Tech Rappel 40′ with Sewn Eye Rope Sale! $ 94. Aiders made with 1/8" Amsteel and are available in single, double and triple step options. We have almost every light weight stick. Never cared for aiders but these feel much more solid. I am 5' 6" I have 3 Eastern Woods outdoors feather light sticks and their amsteel aiders and rope mods. It is currently Sun Oct 15, 2023 9:08 am; All times are UTC; Advertisement; Shikar FXDs, amsteel rope mods, aiders, stealth stripped. Free Shipping on most XOP products. You do have to take a step off to get them girth hitched to the step hole. From climbing aiders, built-in stick aiders, and custom aiders designed specifically for the climbing stick you are using, there are many options for a hunter when deciding what kind of aider to get. Plus, even at my age if something was to happen I think a fall from 6' is survivable. Designed for Hawk and any 1 inch tubing stick, we have already calculated the correct length for each design so that our Aiders match the climb distance on the factory sticks. With a 2 step bottom aider and1 step aiders on the other 3. AmSteel® Aiders Get more height out of your climbing sticks by adding a light weight amsteel aider. I make the aiders just long enough to loop over the top step so they don’t blow in the wind and remain light and quiet. Hang on treestands, harnesses, safety gear and accessories. Ad vertisement from shop Scottschainsaiders. Splice a small loop of shock cord to the middle of the third step for stowing. Curious how that one does, especially if it's a 3-step. Trying to figure out what is the most …. Amsteel is known as the "spider web" of the human. One drawback to material based aiders (rope or webbing) is they lack rigidity (compared to cable aiders), making them harder to find when climbing down. Catalyst carbon pros are the lightest but they went belly up. Shikar FXD Shorter length. Cruzer platform and 3 tethrd one sticks with amsteel aiders. Tethrd skeletor climbing sticks with retractable amsteel aiders. Choose an option 1-step 2-step 3-step. Can be orders as a single step or double step. I was thinking of only using 3 sticks and an Aider to avoid the added weight and still attain the height in a tree. Right, I’m using two 3-step amsteel aiders. Check out our NEW Novix Double Step Amsteel Aiders. So easy to make, you prob have everything you need already. This aider comes with 3” fixed loops that are counted as part of the final length, and a 6” wide fuel line step. 5" x 13") Tethrd Knee pads = 18oz ; Arcteryx = 8oz; Lattitude/Alta = 12. Bought this a few weeks ago from another member, it’s literally been on the tree for 5 mins. Haven't tried amsteel yet but I would like to. This aid features a robust single step made from Amsteel, a lightweight and-strong material tailored to resist challenging outdoor conditions. Auto loans available through dealers only. 5 out of 5 stars "Very pleased. Then let us know what size bag you want. The steps have 8 foot Amsteel rope mods. The next pic is of the amsteel aider. This Hunting item by HangingFree has 3 favorites from Etsy shoppers. In addition , the product is flexible, and resists flex-fatigue and abrasion. Multi step aiders and other strategies just made it too dangerous for me in the dark. Comes with the newer orange stacking sticks. Joined Dec 5, 2018 Messages 273. Asking $200, Buyer pays shipping. The next series of pics illustrate the way I attach the Amsteel aider to the steps. 8mm Tuefelberger Resc Tech w/sewn Eye $68. They wanted to make really good, mostly Amsteel stuff for hunters using mobile systems. Kit is well made and packs up nicely, easy enough to put together. The 4000 is jammed to the brim with that. *Please allow a few days up to around a week for these as we are getting these direct from the Amsteel Guy now. Im using the 1/8th Amsteel with red fuel line to cover the steps. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Cam Cleat Rope Mod (133) $ 26. RealDeal Amsteel Rope Mods; Real Deal Amsteel Aiders; Quick View. Add to Favorites Read the full description. I have three different set of mobile stick setups and use amsteel on all three sets. 00-Add to cart; 1/8″ Amsteel Full Bury. Raise Your Treestand Height By Tying Your Own Climbing Aider: Tying a climbing aider with tubular webbing Learn How. We currently offer these 7/64 Amsteel loops in your choice of black or orange with 6 …. You can choose from a 5 step aider all the way down to 1 step and you can choose between AmSteel rope, plastic coding wire, or a webbing …. 3" Aluminum Wiregate Carabiner(not for climbing). It is a domain having com extension. 7/64 Amsteel Blue weight rating- 1400LB Min break strength and 1600LB Avg break strength Follow our Instagram for big updates, new products, specials deals and sales, as well as giveaways. Beast Sticks, 4 Long Version with holes. WTS Custom Catalyst GWBs x4 $500 TYD Sold. Climbing stick aiders are used to help you get higher in the tree using single climbing stick, or multiples if needed. Have not used them, bought them and then decided to go with fixed aiders. Ive become a big fan of the amsteel aiders. Search in titles only Search in Equipment and Tuning only. FREE shipping Popular now Add to Favorites USA - Ultimate Stick Attachment (684) $ 18. Nov 4, 2022 #14 Buy once, cry once for sticks. Who has tried saddle hunting and doesn’t like it. 00 (10% off Climbing Stick Aiders with gray digital camo steps - Saddle Hunting (12) $ 10. These are perfect for the climbing sticks where the bottom has two steps! They weigh under 2 ounces each for single step, 4 ounces each for double step, and 6 ounces each for triple step. Featured, Best selling, Alphabetically, A-Z, Alphabetically, Z-A . Here’s an in-depth look at splicing and constructing a 3 step aider. Two-step aiders made from Amsteel rope are commonly used in one-stick setups. I have 4 Amsteel 2 step aiders woven into Hawk steps. Torque Free with Low Stretch, 12 Strand, Easy to Splice Black Diamond Equipment Alpine Aiders. of aiders Also, search on ETSY, there are a few different vendors selling various amsteel aiders. Don't go smaller that 1/4" even though the rope is rated very high, its hard to undo. Add to Favorites Bow Hanger for 8mm Tether, 3/4” or 1” Straps (3D printed) Choose Your Color Updated*. They do not hurt if you step on them wearing boots or shoes. FREE shipping Add to Favorites CAYG EZ Single-step Aider (original) (527) $ 26. I do the buckle-less method and use the webbing strap that comes on it. Shouldn’t take up much room and way less bulky than a conventional 3-4 CAYG webbing aider. Have any pics of your aiders? T. I get it from LWCG perspective cheaper & less labor intensive. I love hunting South Alabama and have been having a good time hunting in my Trophyline tree saddle but my XOP steps are just too heavy. For Sale Cruzr Seeker Platform. Backwoods Mobile Gear is a front-runner in the ultra-light run and gun industry. Climbing sticks preferred aider method?. What’s your climbing method, saddle hunters?. I love a good Chiropractor debate, lol. It’s made of 3/16 amsteel with a 1/8 amsteel schwabisch knot. Selling my (4) 17” Shikars with Tethrd VersaStraps, buckle straps, Stealth Strips and (2) Amsteel aiders. Climbing Stick Aiders &Tree Step Aiders for Hunting. The only other thing you need is fuel line hose which you can get at any auto parts store. I also have a friend who climbs with amsteel aiders and that works okay too, but I feel like the amsteel is so light sometimes I have trouble knowing for sure my foot is in. Full bury - 2 loop sizes -1 3/4" for girth hitching and 2 1/4" for 1" tube - $25. Star Seller 7/64" amsteel blue 17" step, with 7" long step tubing Brand new, made to order Learn more about this item Shipping and return policies. You can choose from a 5 step aider all the way down to 1 step and you can choose between AmSteel rope, plastic coding wire, or a webbing material. Joined Nov 1, 2019 Messages Prices include shipping with insurance and tracking. Jul 14, 2022 #2 ketch22 Well-Known Member. 1/8 Single Step Whoopie Aider. Our products are made with Samson Amsteel, the highest quality dyneema rope on the market. The perfect alternative to the traditional cam buckle. Amsteel is rope and metal is sharp! Please take the proper procedures to protect your Amsteel! File sharp edges and use protection (stealth strips, slayer tape, hockey tape, etc) We are seeing a lot of aiders being cut on trophyljne products. Hunting saddles shine in scenarios where hunting locations are long distances from the truck or in thick cover that. This Hunting item is sold by HangingFree. Designed for double step style sticks each step provides an extra 16 (Standard) or 18 …. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Amsteel Gear Zip (4 pack) for Saddle Hunting (118) $ 14. I haven’t put any aiders. Any issues with the shorter step to step length? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Check out our the real amsteel guy selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our gifts for girls shops. According to SiteAdvisor, customamsteelproducts. Vital Ground Outdoors has redesigned the amsteel aider to not only work with the Tethrd One's but add to the overall performance taking the stick to another level. These two mini sticks with three step aiders should get me 15. Here's how one person does it for sticks. One of the bigger challenges when packing a stand in to hunt public land is keeping gear weight down. One stick hybridStick up repeal downor Duh?. Every dollar makes a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Bought 4 and put on Amsteel aiders on each stick. USA Pro Series: This may be the most secure climbing stick attachment yet! Watch on. AmSteel® Aiders View all Bridges and Tethers View all 3D Printed Accessories View all Hardware and Replacement Parts View all Merch View all NEW XOP X2 Stick AmSteel® Aider $21. Tethrd One Sticks and The Amsteel Guy FIXED Double Step Aider. I wasn’t un happy with my heliums. com/product/1-8-amsteel-tethrd-one-aider/Facebook. Tethrd One moveable amsteel aider. Joined May 11, 2022 Messages 108 Location Wisconsin. I’m 6’1 and 4 sticks get me 18-22ft based on how I stretch. Aiders and containment units are black in color. 99 USD Hang Free Triple Step Sewn Climbing Stick Aider From $29. I’m currently using a set of 30” hawk helium sticks. Eastern Woods Outdoors – Home of DoubleSteps and the …. In this video, I go over how I set up my mobile hunting setup and climbing stick to safety …. Please send only friends and family on paypal. Keep your saddle hunting setup light with a SH1KAR One Stick. 39-Add to cart; Camo Elite Tether/Lineman Sewn Eye Rope $ 36. Joined Nov 29, 2020 Messages 34 Location Indiana. Fast forward several years and I’m in the Navy and dislocated 2 vertebrae on a Sunday afternoon playing football on the base. Amsteel aiders by Timesaverropes. 8mm Tuefelberger Rescue Tech Tether/Lineman's Rope $54. NEW XOP X2 Stick AmSteel® Aider – CUSTOM AMSTEEL …. The all-new carbon fiber Carbon SS Climbing sticks by Latitude Outdoors. DroptineKrazy Well-Known Member. Length: 14", 17", 20" Safe Working Load: 500lb Breaking Strength: 2500lb Weight: 2-5oz Color: Black with rubber hosing Price is for one (1) Amsteel product. Climbing Stick Daisy Chains. i think Always89 has a good one or redbeard has the workhorse video. Using a whoopi sling style aider with rubber hosing and castration bands we have designed an aider that is adjustable from 10"-22" step distance and you can attach each step to make multiple step aiders. 'the amsteel guy' aiders are nice. com receives about 177 unique visitors and 354 page views per day which should earn about $ 1. Both sticks offer dual folding steps, a silent use Versa Button attachment method and 10-inch wide steps for plenty of boot room. 00 FREE shipping Climbing Stick Aiders with gray digital camo steps - Saddle Hunting (45) …. I can modify length of chain, or aider length if wanted for extra fee. I use 3-4 lone wolf sticks depending on the tree and this year went with 2 amsteel aiders. A seltzer experience like no other. Anyone got any idea how long it may take? I ordered back on the 17th…. Does anyone know where I can get some 7/64 amsteel in DFW area? I called west marine and was told they don't have that size. Designed for double step style sticks each step provides an extra 16 (Standard) or 18 inches of step once weight is applied to them. These ropes are replacement ropes for your Tethrd One Sticks. Joined Dec 7, 2018 Messages 210. 1 Steps are $17 2 Steps are $25 3 Steps are $35. Mainly because I read that some of the 7/74" are 8 Strand vs 12 Strand. They each are 18in in between each step. I just don't think the standoff is enough for the amsteel aider. Amsteel doesn’t absorb water, is so light it floats, and is commonly used for saddle bridges and as a lightweight, buckle-less replacement strap on climbing sticks and steps. Also which knot or what's the best way to weave it? I have searched and all I find is Amsteel aiders for double steps with a small loop on each . 1/8" Hawk Helium/ Skeletor/ Muddy Pro AmSteel® Aiders $17. I'm using 3 sticks for my stand and 3 with my saddle just ordered amsteel aiders from EWO 2 step for the bottom and 1 step for my 2nd and 3rd sticks and rappelling down. The final set I’m making will have dual fixed steps and Amsteel aiders on each one. I elected to go with 1/4” Amsteel for some rope mods, but also ordered enough 1/4” to make my own aiders. Using an Aider with Climbing Sticks. (I rappel down regardless of climbing method). Then, come to find out, the LWCG aider cables are only 17". FREE shipping Add to Favorites US Vietnam MARINE RAIDER Presentation Japan Sword Made Hunting Knife (370) Sale Price $690. AmSteel Daisy Aider – CUSTOM AMSTEEL PRODUCTS. Take it off at the carabiner after I get setup. I have a pair of oversize pac boots that are toasty when I'm plowing snow with my ATV but probably too bulky for climbing with sticks. I tried the carry as you go aider and Amsteel aiders but the cable aiders were much better. Published by Zach Stewart on 28th Feb 2023 Awesome rope for the big Bob and harken 150 cleat. Apr 10, 2022 #6 BuckFever said: i run a double aider on the bottom stick and single on the rest 'the amsteel guy' aiders are nice. As mentioned climbing in the dark with aiders, especially amsteel aiders, can get a little sketchy which a rappel line helps alleviate. They can be used on other sticks as well. Climbing down amsteel aiders cant get sketchy in the dark. These Aiders are made with lightweight and incredibly strong materials. Let’s see what you guys are doing! D. The LWCG pack down to a very low profile but the Tethrd sticks are lighter. I push my butt against my lineman’s belt and into my saddle. Each step is made from 3/16th amsteel as all the aiders in the Minimalist lineup. Maximize your climbing efficiency with the Latitude Outdoors Amsteel Single Step Aider available at SCHEELS, designed specifically for tree saddle hunters. Will ship to your door for $45. Reactions: katiesmom, Bowtie747, SnakeEater and 2 others. These aiders work well for those who are unsure of preferred step distance or like the option to change step distance based on climate/territory. Add aiders and amsteel products to your xop order for 12% off them as well. Our new TAG tenders are a perfect way to tell . Facebook">CG SKELETOR RETRACTABLE AIDER The first. Amsteel aiders (106) Star Seller $ 14. 1/8" Amsteel aider (brand new never used). I' new to saddle hunting and found a lot of tips 'n tricks here, I started last season with a plywood seat but switched to my own made saddle from tutorials found on the website I use wildedge steps with amsteel aiders but no plateform yet, I use a ring of ameristeps to turn around the trunk. That brings me to my question, hunting from a saddle. Tethers or Ropes: Tethers or ropes are essential for securing yourself to the tree while climbing up or descending down using the one-stick …. The descent is inherently more dangerous and you’re more likely to fall, potentially compounded by low light, cold, exhaustion, excitement, etc. Prices include shipping - Paypal F&F or you pay fees. Add to Favorites MAK fab one stick saddle hunting $ 117. 4″ – This will form the loop of your splice on the first side, used to hang the aider on a stick, or daisy chain to another aider. (Essentials Only Pack) from $245. Depending on availability, these come with black or silver buckles. Triple aiders are 30 instead of 40. With an oversized gear tie sticking up I can reach over and grab it almost effortlessly and moving my stick has become a lot more fluid. *Amsteel aiders and Stealth Strip kits ship separate from sticks Climbing sticks just went 100% metal free. I bought some ansteel aiders, a 3 step and 2 step. Sanctions Policy - Our House Rules. The attachment method extension is a multifunctional tool for the mobile hunter. I can't use due to my legs are to short. I'm 5'6" and I'm getting to 18 feet without stretching. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Double Step Climbing Stick Aider (671) $ 14. Hawk offers both a short 20-inch two-step climbing stick as well as a longer 30-inch three-step stick. I have the LWCG double steps (set of 4) and also a set of Tethrd one sticks (also a 4 pack) Gen 3. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk. I have some amsteel that has a single point attachment. I believe they are Lone Wolf cable aidersbut I don’t remember. Be sure to checkout our NEW Clearance Corner section for great deals on limited stock! Visit our showroom and archery pro shop in Lapeer, Michigan – (formerly Hunters Den) home of Eastern Woods. There are numerous Aider options to ensure you find exactly what you need for your particular setup. Add to Favorites Amsteel Cinch Aider (125) $ 15. I’ve never sold on here and my posts are minimal- sorry. The Ropeman and Kong Duck have such different designs that I'd almost call them application specific though both can do the same job. 1/8” Amsteel daisy are made for hang on stands and saddles platforms. Anyone use the wire aiders? I’m trying to be more proficient with aiders for my climbs up. For EWO doubstep or Hawk Helium. Loc On Limit for Sale or Trade This hang on weighs around 8 pounds and has adjustable amsteel aiders to replace the cables (with 1/2 tubular webbing over the Amsteel) so that the angle can adjust on the platform. Crowsnest and Lookout Top Steps are 1 to 2 weeks out. Wish it had shock cord at the end and I am sure he would have put one had I ask but I forgot lol. FREE shipping Add to Favorites EZ Aider lite (single step aider). I just purchased some Trophyline mini double sticks and want to get some aiders. com">video for making amsteel 2 or 3 step aider. Are y’all one sticking? I just don’t see an easier detachment method than a cam cleat on my 1 stick. See, that's where I actually disagree. More and more I’m starting to realize in all of this that aiders. The LWCG aiders are bent out a little which makes it much easier to get your foot in as compared to other aiders. Amsteel aiders also catch in the boot cleats and can be difficult to see in the dark. 1/8 daisy chains are great for attaching climbing sticks and platforms to a tree. Get more height out of your climbing sticks by adding a light weight amsteel aider. AMVETS Thrift Stores, Buffalo, New York. Those HangN30 steps look like a more streamlined version of Climb Paws. Hunters not utilizing the one-sticking . The fold up and stow fine and the sticks stack fine. com/collections/all?page=1Follow us on Facebook at:https://www. Time for some serious hang time! @gameflogger @blt348 @Ihold450 @Tr33_n1nj@ @Napali @Aksisu11 @bloodsoakedberber @Ohio Angler @MoBowGuy @mejer @elk yinzer. NEW Trophyline/Novix Double Step Stick AmSteel® Aider. USA – Ultimate Stick/Stand Attachment – Eastern Woods Outdoors. So I plan on making 3 aiders that are 3 steps each. FREE shipping Add to Favorites New (Set of 4) Single Step Amsteel Aiders (9) $ 40. Or even maybe doing the amsteel aiders and slide gas line (or something of the sort thats got some weight to it like noob referenced) over them to keep them from blowing in the wind. Have not been hunted with, one of them was one a tree to test. Custom Amsteel Products – CUSTOM AMSTEEL PRODUCTS. Check out our amsteel climbing aider selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our hunting & archery shops. 456 likes · 1 talking about this · 230 were here. The heavy-duty hosing at the base of the step also helps keep the loop open for easier access to rest your foot, plus the snug. I used 3 rope aiders on 3 full length lw sticks all last year. I like them both but probably like the Tethrd one stick a bit more. Be careful and practice wearing your hunting boots. I'm using Tethrd One Sticks with amsteel aiders and love them Barley over 3lbs for the set of three and my short self can get up to 16'. 5’ ad vertisement by Scottschainsaiders. Girth hitch on both sides of the step and sinched tight with a draw stop. Reactions: Just_Hangin_N_GA, ShooterMike and GeoFish. We may disable listings or cancel transactions that present a risk of violating this policy. Showing you how you can use a hawk helium aider on a Wild edge step or primal step! Easily can double your hunting height. These 1/8 AmSteel ®-Blue (black in color) whoopie aiders are completely new to the Amsteel/Hunting market and are the first true adjustable AmSteel ®-Blue aiders, created and built by Hang Free!. They can also market it as “game changer” safest aider on the market. 15 · In stock · Brand:Custom Amsteel. Joined Aug 14, 2019 Messages 1,096. Joined Aug 27, 2020 Messages 924. For Sale Stick mule/ versa hangers for One …. It is currently Mon Jan 30, 2023 9:25 am; All times are UTC; Advertisement. Add to Favorites Quick clip gear caddy The bungee at the end of the amsteel is a nice touch and packs up great with no need for a rope tamer!! Great job Sam!!" USA - Ultimate Stick Attachment Kelby Friday. Do those aiders hold on to the steps pretty tight? I’ve been looking into them. Custom Amsteel product aiders rolled up and secured with rubber gear ties. My thoughts put the aider system on at the bottom of the tree. As a result, hunters are able to more efficiently adapt …. 2) amsteel aiders (tried the cable aiders, but sold those, work nice, but wanted to loose the extra weight of them and their hardware (not much, but I prefer the amsteel)) 3) using the buckeless straps (have buckled ones in the bin) still not sure what I like best. We carry climbing stick aiders, Amsteel daisy chains, Amsteel endless loops, platform packs and more. Amsteel aiders (108) Star Seller $ 14. I spliced up some amsteel aiders, and stealth strip the tubes, just need to stealth strip or paint the face of the steps/standoffs to blend in a little better and maybe pick up one or 2 more. This belt is designed to be used in all saddles that have a floating belt design. Members are generally not permitted to list, buy, or sell items that originate from sanctioned areas. 00 /3 new Tethrd jen 3 sticks …. Minamalist Lineman's/Tether $54. RealDeal Amsteel Trucker Daisy's from $13. Slide-Lock system that allows your sticks to connect together both side to side and stacking. 3 amsteel aiders (2 - 1 step and 1 - 2 step) bought from Custom Amsteel Guy17" aiders. I bought the 1/8" Hawk helium and Muddy Pro amsteel aiders from Custom Amsteel products. Latitude Amsteel Single Step Aiders A perfect fit for your Carbon SS Sticks, or any stick you'd like to add an aider to. These Amsteel aiders are for those that don't want to fuss with movable climbing aiders. Check out our amsteel tether 10mm selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our hunting & archery shops. Watch G2 Outdoors on YouTube for a detailed Amsteel splicing video. He's a great guy to deal with and he'll answer any questions you've got whether about his saddles or saddle hunting in general. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Ultralight Dog Leash Amsteel-Blue / Dyneema. Amsteel for a lineman's would bother me if it held knots better (Prussic) didn't crush down (ropeman) as it is, I use the Samson ultratek (smaller size) with a ropeman 1 (I know its not rated for it but it holds it well) Using stepps with aiders I usually adjust it twice for every stepp. (Essentials Only Pack) RealDeal Amsteel Trucker Daisy's from $13. It's abot like the coolest thing since sliced bread, IMO.